VirtualSHU is a Multi User Virtual Environment (MUVE) in which students can login and interact with each others and the environment. 

It is a persistend virtual world, based on the Opensimulator MUVE

VirtualSHU is a research project focussing on the implementation of 3D Multi User Virtual Environment to support and enhance teaching and learning at Sheffield Hallam University and not only. Using VirtualSHU, our students connect to immerse and coexist in a state of the art 3D environment, and actively participate in collaborative and engaging learning activities.

In the VirtualSHU project, we are designing and implementing Educational and other Multi User Virtual Environments, and XR environments converging real and artificial agents and environments to support education. Currently  investigating Group Collaboration, Student Engagement, Motivation and their Learning Experience.

As a result of the research conducted in VirtualSHU, a series of guidelines on how to design environments and educational activities to effectively support learning, and to develop collaborativelearning tasks in educational virtual worlds (see publications) have been developed.

Since 2015, VirtualSHU is being used to support the delivery of particular modules for the Business and Technology undergraduate students at Sheffield Hallam University, for several final year dissertation projects, exibitions, meetings and collaborations between other educational institutions.

In this website, you can find information about all our projects which involve 3D Virtual Worlds, Virtual Reality, Mobile Based Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality.

The Principal Investigator and Lead Developer of the VirtualSHU research project is Dr Louis Nisiotis. 

VirtualSHU is a great addition to learning! It makes learning much more fun and engaging! It is a great addition to learning


Business and ICT Student, Sheffield Hallam University

Such an immersive environment!!! We are really enjoying this!


Business and ICT Student, Sheffield Hallam University

VirtualSHU provides us the opportunity to attend in interactive and immersive activities. Its so engaging and so much fun!


IT with Business Studies Student, Sheffield Hallam University

We are collaborating, communicating and learning together!


IT with Business Studies Student, Sheffield Hallam University

 Account Registration

 In order to access VirtualSHU, you first need to create a user account. 
 Click HERE to create your RoboSHU account. Please choose use your First and Last Name. Also please provide your real email.


 Viewer Download and Configuration

 To connect to the environment from HOME, you need to download the Firestorm Viewer from here: HERE (Available for all platforms).
 You then need to launch and configure the viewer as follows: 

  • Click on Viewer menu on the top left of your screen, and choose Preferences
  • Choose Opensim menu.
  • In the Grid Manager tab, where Add a New Grid, add the following address:
  • Press Apply, then OK
  • Use your username (First Name and Last Name) and password to connect.



 * Please respect the environment and the other users 
 * Please note that there may be changes to the environment’s layout as students are using it for several projects.