Dr Louis Nisiotis and Dr Lyuba Alboul have participated at the 6th International Immersive Learning Research Network (iLRN 2020) Conference, and presented a poster of their paper entitled: Work-in-Progress—Converging Virtual Reality, Robots, and Social Networks to Support Immersive Learning.

The proposed system, by converging Robots and XR, can bring students together by seamlessly blending the real with virtual worlds, enabling them to participate in immersive learning activities with the support of real and virtual robots as educational assistants and companions.

In this system, students, teachers, and their avatars, are collaborating with robots and their digital twins in hybrid modes, making the difference between the real and digital worlds less distinct.

The team has also participated in the Project Showcase Competition of the Immersive Learning Research Network  conference to demonstrate some of the functionalities of the system. You can access the demonstration room showcasing the system through your web browser:


Just press the link, and when in Frame, just press connect. Using arrows you can move around the exhibition space.