This website is designed to showcase some of the work we are doing at Sheffield Hallam Univeristy (UK) around the topic of Virtual Worlds and Virtual Reality.

This website showcase two main projects:


This is a virtual campus to support and enhanceour students learning experience. We have designed a series of virtual worlds and VR prototypes where our students can immerse and coexist in state of the art 3D environments and actively participate in collaborative and engaging learning activities. To date, our prototypes are used to support the Introduction to ICT module for Business and Technology undergraduate students, for several final year dissertation projects, exibitions, meetings and collaborations between other educational institutions.


This project aims at developing a new type of community based Cyber-Physical-Social Eco-Society Systems using Virtual Reality, Robots and Social Netwroking technologies to develop a system that encompasses both physical and virtual environments capable of interacting dynamically and endangered by human behaviour.